After I finished the [portrait of Opie], I created an unusual portrayal of his son Linc (CH Montwood A Lincoln v Arista CD RA RAJ ROM).
Scroll down through the pictures and captions to see how it came about...
Ann Koch commissioned me to do a portrait as a surprise gift for Libby Hargrove after the loss of her beloved boy "Linc" who was a Champion, Agility titled, and her Service Dog.
I don't know what Ann told Libby to avoid giving away the surprise, but she got Libby to mail all her most cherished photos of Linc (from Minnesota to CA) which Ann forwarded to me. A beautiful leather album contained show photos, professional head shots, and many charming snapshots, as well as ribbons and certificates.
The photos showed so many facets of Linc, I was at a loss which one would mean the most to Libby. Usually I interview the client and I'm very good at zeroing in on the best way to capture their loved one. I asked Ann if she could find out which were Libby's favorites.
Libby emailed back a photo of Linc taking off joyfully from an Agility start (I'm not showing you that photo) and wrote:
"One of my favorites. His happy face, his want to do, all rolled into one. ...The head shots are beautiful, but I probably remember Linc giving life it's all. He did so love life."

As soon as I read her words, I knew that was the one to use. Ann resisted. Like most people she felt that a portrait should be a head study. But I knew the "Agility start" would be the portrait that spoke to Libby's heart.
Here is the finished portrait. Not your typical portrait. But I captured the power Linc had, and what Libby described: his happy face, his "want to do", his love of life.
When Libby received the portrait, she agreed, it was just how she wanted to remember her boy.
(For those who don't know, Linc was taking off from the starting line in Agility competition, a timed event. He was watching Libby ahead of him giving the signal to join her in their Agility run.)
When Libby heard I was making this album, she sent some additional Agility photos she wanted to share with Linc's friends and fans. Keep going to see more of Linc's willing spirit in action...
Libby wrote: "I always loved this one--He jumped OVER the table!"
(In Agility the dog is supposed to pause on the table.)
You may notice that this portrait is done in a looser style than many of my works. It is one of my "Little Jewel" portraits, a simple, very expressive small portrait. "Little Jewel" portraits are priced affordably.
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Roeckl "Little Jewel" portraits or contact Kevin to discuss a portrait of your loved one, canine or human.
Fine Art print of this painting, "Agility Start"
Same size as original painting, 10 x 19 inches. A high-quality reproduction on heavyweight, archival, matte paper. Shipped flat, not rolled, in a special mailer, U.S. Priority Mail.
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