The process of creating the portrait begins with contact between the Artist and Client.
To begin, I will learn who is to be portrayed, and what size and concept you have in mind, if any. If you're not sure, that's ok too. I have lots of creative ideas and suggestions.
I welcome questions; please don't be afraid to ask.

A gifted portrait artist does more than just paint a good likeness. I have a special gift for capturing the soul and essence of your loved one as seen through your eyes and heart.

Before I can form my visual concept of your painting, I'll ask you about your loved one's personality, interests, accomplishments....funny little quirks.....the unique beauty that makes your loved one so special and endearing to you.

After I form a mental image of your portrait, perhaps a way of presenting your loved one that you may not have thought of, I describe it to you for approval.

I receive commissions from all parts of the U.S., so I use photography as a reference while I create the portrait.

It's not always practical for me to photograph the subject myself. Yes, I can use your photos for a portrait. I'll be happy to look at the photos you have and give you my input about using them as reference. I can also coach you on taking the photos we need for your portrait. This can be done by email.

When possible, I like to take the photos myself. Choosing each particular moment to press the shutter button is an important step in my creative process. I have professional-level equipment and photographic abilities. But don't feel shy! I'm very good at putting subjects at ease in front of a camera.

When we have agreed on the particulars of the portrait, a Portrait Contract will be signed, spelling out what each of us can expect. A deposit of 50% is required before work begins. The final 50% is due when you receive and approve your finished portrait.

If travel is necessary to photograph the subject, travel expenses are paid by the client.

I believe that creating Memorial portraits (a portrait of a person or animal who has passed on) is the reason I was put on this Earth. I have a special ability to connect with the spirit of the one who has gone to the "Other Side", and to capture his or her living essence in the artwork. These very special and important portraits have brought great comfort to those grieving a loved one.

Attractively presented custom Gift Certificates are available. Give your special someone the promise of a Fine Art portrait on that special occasion.

Prices do not include framing or shipping.

Credit cards accepted.
11 x 14
19 x 25
24 x 36
Head Study on plain background
Fees are for one individual.
Additional individuals in the same painting add 50% per person.
(Pet-only portrait) (625.) (1,450.) (1,900.)
Full Figure on plain background
Fees are for one individual.
Additional individuals in the same painting add 50% per person.
(Pet-only portrait) $600.00 (1,800.) (2,480.)
Subject in fully detailed background
The fees shown are for simple-to-medium backgrounds. Fees increase with the complexity of background and number of individuals.
(Pet-only portrait) $600.00 (3,200.) (5,600.)
Grisaille paintings do not include photography services. They are created using your photos. See examples of this distinctive style of portrait:
About Grisaille $600.00 $600.00 $600.00
"Little Jewel"
A simple, expressive portrait, created from your photos. See examples:
About Little Jewel portraits $600.00 $600.00 $600.00

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