[From a Professional Photographer, when asked about her motivation for the 7 Roeckl portraits she has commissioned] I have never ever given one of your portraits to someone I didn't care about - and I've never ever had someone open one of those and not have their breath taken away - go speechless on me - cry - and tell me they would treasure it forever. I've never had that kind of a response to a photo I've given them - no matter how good it was, no matter how much money I spent framing it. There is something you capture in each and every one of them that brings the subject to life - forever. It's the gift that keeps on giving - it's unique. It's a heart gift.

Cheri McNealy, Professional Portrait Photographer
Fairfield, California
November 17, 2003
[Written in response to an associate asking for a portrait artist]

...I have commissioned Kevin on several occasions through the years and his work has been nothing short of exceptional. I have never had a complaint, he has always delivered on time and his work - well you will have to decide. He has a passion that seems to go beyond the normal artist’s rendering of the subject into what was so very special about their dear companion. I know, I've seen it. He has done it for me.
...I hope you get in touch with him. You certainly won't be disappointed.
Dale Maddox Geddis
Huntersville, North Carolina
Nov 8, 2004
My Dearest Kevin,
I am going to "try" and tell you Thank you for this gift I now have...Your painting caught Jack’s heart and soul and you painted him as I see him, proud and handsome. I don't understand how you did it but your soul touched my boy’s... I can look into his eyes OH his eyes that said so much with one look and each golden ray that was so special you managed to capture. You are nothing less than God’s Special Angel sent to earth with a gift to see our babies’ spirits and souls, I feel blessed and consider myself lucky to have one of your paintings of my boy.
Susan O’Brien
Portland, Oregon
The gift that you have given me by doing each of their Portraits is a lifetime of joy and happiness every time I look at them.
Patti Fetzer
Mt. Auburn, Iowa

Pet Portrait clients:
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I was in search of the best portrait I could find of my precious boy Luke. I had contacted other artists at the time and was not very impressed with their work. When Kevin sent me pictures of his work, that's all it took. I didn't care how much it cost me I wanted the best portrait I could get.
when I received the painting I cried with Joy!!! I cherish it every day of my life, I would be lost without it.
Carolyn Martini
Staten Island, New York
April 3, 1997
Dear Kevin,
I'm usually pretty good with words, but I am speechless to describe my feelings about the portrait of Volt. You said it is dramatic. True. But that's probably the least of the adjectives to describe it. It is absolutely sensational. ...looks like he is ready to step out of the portrait ... The "lighting" you have created is marvelous. With all the dark clouds, you've made an image as though it sets in the only ray of sunshine.

When the pkg. came today, I was afraid to open it. Not that I feared disappointment. Rather, that I didn't know if I could contain myself. I am now so anxious to share it with one and all.

Thanks ever, ever so much for your simply super work. It's all, and more, that I had hoped it would be.
Marliene Froke
State College, Pennsylvania

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I highly recommend commissions with Kevin - he's an amazing artist, and has very high integrity as well - something that's VERY important to me.
Melissa Calhoun
Novato, California
May 7, 1997
Dear Kevin,
Winnie’s portrait arrived safely on Monday. It is beautiful beyond my wildest expectations!
The jewelry is absolutely perfect, especially the symbolism of “two hearts connected by love”. You are a gifted artist and are also blessed with such compassion and feeling for your subjects and those who love them.
Again, thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job - Winnie’s portrait will brighten each day for the rest of my life.
Take care and God bless,
[Written 3 years after commissioning a wedding portrait of her stepson and his bride] ...the wedding photographer did such a bad job that the newlyweds were crushed because they didn't have a single picture from their wedding that they liked.
The picture you did for them is their pride and joy. They have built two new homes since their marriage, and both had a specially designed lighted niche where your portrait hangs.

You exceeded all expectations. We can never thank you enough for tackling it.
Karen Byrd
Feb 13, 1996
Dear Kevin,
I LOVED the portrait!! It is awesome!! The moonlight effect is perfect. I took it in today to have it matted and framed and should have it in a few weeks. Also I found the perfect frame for my boys’ portrait. They will look wonderful when completed and hanging on the wall.

I know that my friend will cry when she sees her girl on the rock in the moonlight. It will be very special for us to share.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I am enclosing a little extra something as I appreciate your work so much and the time and effort that went into it. Thank you for the memories!!
Mary Dee Lindemaier
Portland, Oregon

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