Biography of KEVIN EDWARD ROECKL (pronounced RO-kul)
portrait boy
Born in California, Roeckl’s Fine Art education came from his father, an art collector and talented amateur artist. Kevin’s earliest recognition as a portrait artist came at age 8 when he won the “Draw Your Dad” contest. The prize was a special key to a zoo. By age 15 Kevin was receiving portrait commissions from neighbors and relatives.
portrait young man From an
album cover
Age 16
At age 18, Roeckl was hired as a Graphic Artist by Pacific Design Services, Inc. in southern California. In his three years there, Roeckl gained technical expertise and professional discipline. But his unquenchable creativity soon manifested itself in a poster depicting Laguna Beach, an art colony and international resort where Roeckl then lived. The “Laguna Beach Poster” took off like a rocket, selling thousands of copies, and launched Roeckl’s career in Fine Art through gallery sales.

Early gallery piece
“The Silver Flute”

For the next two decades, Roeckl has shown his original paintings at galleries in Laguna Beach, Carmel, San Francisco, Seattle, and other locations on the West Coast. For ten years he was a featured artist at the Candy Stick Gallery in the Victorian town of Ferndale, CA. Many of Roeckl’s gallery pieces are portraits, depictions of individuals whose persona he finds fascinating or beautiful.
Fine Art
portrait horse
42-color Serigraph
At age 25, Roeckl created a Limited Edition serigraph under the guidance of Russian Master Serigrapher Lev Moross. The serigraph (silkscreen print) consisted of 42 separate screens, hand-printed at Moross Studio in Los Angeles. A 23-color serigraph was completed the following year. Throughout Roeckl’s career numerous Limited Edition prints and open-edition art posters of his work have been published.

In his late twenties, Roeckl migrated to the remote coasts of the Pacific Northwest, where solitude and the dramatic natural beauty allowed full access to his inner vision.
portrait woman
portrait Doberman
“Southwest Colors”
In 1990 Roeckl experienced a trauma which left him injured and in which his beloved Doberman, Jake, saved his life. Unable to work for more than a year, when Roeckl began painting again, all he wanted to paint was Jake. The passion in Roeckl’s art soon caught the attention of Doberman enthusiasts at a national level.

From 1991 to1998 Roeckl exhibited his original work at the Doberman National Show each year (by invitation only). Kevin Roeckl is now recognized as one of the most talented canine artists in the U.S. He has portrayed top-winning show dogs as well as beloved family pets, and his work has been featured on the covers of five national magazines, including the highly respected “ShowSight” magazine.
portrait Doberman
“A Pair of Shorts Left Unattended”
portrait teddy bear
”Story Time”
from the Once Upon A Teddy Time giftware collection
In 1995 Roeckl was approached by a major giftware company to create artwork for two collector plate series. Roeckl images have been licensed for use on greeting cards, jewelry boxes, needlepoint kits, and other giftware.

Kevin Roeckl now resides and has his art studio in Brookings, Oregon, the southernmost town on the Oregon coast. Occasionally creating work for galleries, he concentrates mostly on private commissions: realistic portraits with that special Roeckl touch that captures the soul and essence of the individual.
portrait angel
“Prayer For Racial Harmony”
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